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November 5, 2019: ELECTION DAY

Ballots are due to the Clerk's office at 6th & Coffman by 7pm.

PRESS RELEASE: May 13, 2019

This morning I announced my candidacy for re-election to the Ward 1 seat on City Council. I currently represent Ward 1, having been elected in a 2018 special election to fill the seat vacated when Brian Bagley was elected Mayor.


When I was elected in 2018 I stated that I would only run for re-election if the work was interesting and meaningful and if I felt I was worthy of the privilege of representing the residents of Ward 1. The experience has, indeed, been both interesting and meaningful. It will be the voters who decide if I am worthy of re-election.


When I stood for election in 2018 I told residents they could expect clarity, transparency, accountability, and leadership from me as a Council member.  I believe my behavior as a Council member reflects these attributes. If Ward 1 residents value the kind of leadership and representation I’ve provided in my first 15 months on the Council, they can count on more of the same for next four years.”

I am proud of what this Council has accomplished in the last 15 months.  This Council:

  • adopted a creative and affordable workforce housing policy that includes a package of developer fees with off-setting incentives,

  • established a vision for the future of Longmont that will differentiate Longmont from all other Front Range municipalities,

  • negotiated an agreement with oil and gas operators to significantly protect health and safety of Longmont residents,

  • continues to invest in post-flood mitigation, the Resilient St. Vrain Project, and all of our natural wonders,

  • launched new initiatives for education, workforce development, and economic development, and

  • updated the Land Code to enhance long-term sustainability.


Big challenges remain in the next four years. As Longmont continues to grow we need to protect what we value most as a community. Longmont needs:

  • a clear and compelling vision for Longmont’s future,

  • more and better public transportation alternatives to increase access and to ease traffic congestion,

  • reduction of our carbon footprint,

  • conservation of natural resources (especially water),

  • continued investment in the Resilient St. Vrain Project,

  • creation of community, individual, and cultural connections reflecting our increasing diversity,

  • a robust plan with effective strategies for caring for our most vulnerable residents, and

  • strategies for reducing homelessness and the effects of homelessness in the community, and

  • proactive responses to other issues sure to emerge in the future.

Successfully addressing these challenges requires thoughtful, creative, and courageous thinking, vision, and action. I am confident that I bring to these challenges the kind of thinking and experience Longmont deserves. If Ward 1 residents agree, then I will continue serving as their City Council representative.

I would love hearing from you about this election cycle.  Your perspectives on my candidacy, the issues about which you most care, issues the next Council must confront, problems we need to solve, and/or your aspirations and vision for Longmont's future are all topics about which I will appreciate hearing.  Your support and guidance through this campaign will be deeply valued.


Best regards,



March 5, 2018: Tim Waters was sworn in to represent Ward 1 on Longmont City Council.

February 27, 2018: ELECTION DAY

Ballots are due to the Clerk's office at 6th & Coffman by 7pm.

February 8, 2018:

Boulder Weekly endorses Tim Waters for Longmont City Council, Ward 1: "...Waters has a number of qualities that are sorely needed on council. His experience as a leader in education and as a CEO for more than two decades have been on display in every public forum held concerning this election..." read more...

Sustainable Resilient Longmont and Ecocycle host a Longmont City Council Ward 1 Candidate Forum: Video here.

February 5, 2018:

Longmont's Ward 1 residents should start receiving their mail-in ballots. If you haven't done so already, sign up for Ballot Track, and receive notification when your ballot is on its way to you and when the Clerk's office has received your ballot back from you, here.


State Senator Matt Jones (SD17, Longmont) endorses Tim Waters for Longmont City Council, Ward 1: "Tim's experience running a national level organization and his environmental protection and affordable housing advocacy make him a great council choice."t

Friday, February 2, 2018:

Roger Lange: Tim Waters is the right choice for Longmont" more...

State Representative Mike Foote (HD12, Longmont) endorses Tim Waters for Longmont City Council, Ward 1: "Tim is sharp, sincere, and a hard worker. I know he will represent all of the people of Longmont well."

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett endorses Tim Waters for Longmont City Council, Ward 1.

Monday, January 29, 2018:

"Gordon Pedrow: Tim Waters is good for Ward 1, good for Longmont" more...

Friday, January 26, 2018:

"Patricia Davis: Tim Waters isn't just a manager; he's a leader" more...

Friday, January 24, 2018:

State Representative Jonathan Singer (HD11, Longmont) endorses Tim Waters for Longmont City Council, Ward 1: "Tim's dedication as a lifelong educator and CEO shows me he has the bipartisan business chops to protect Longmont's bottom line while keeping our city's children a priorty."

Sunday, January 21, 2018:

"Dale Bernard: Tim Waters is just what this community needs" more...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018:

Tim Waters Meet & Greet, stop by anytime between 6:30–8:30pm, Longmont Public Library, 4th & Kimbark. Get to know Tim, share your concerns about Longmont. Chocolate chip cookies!

Tim Waters posted on his facebook page: "Let’s hope this project is part of a bold, clear, and shared vision of what our City Council wants to see in lower downtown. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to envision and develop lower downtown in ways that differentiate Longmont from all other front-range communities. We simply cannot let this opportunity slip away. Let’s build a bridge to the future (link, here).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018:

"Cindy Hoge: Tim Waters has a passion for Longmont and its more...

Saturday, January 13, 2018:

"Kathy Partridge: Tim Waters can build bridges to the more...


Saturday, January 6, 2018:

Tim Waters Meet & Greet, stop by anytime between 1:30–3:30pm, Longmont Public Library, 4th & Kimbark. Get to know Tim, share your concerns about Longmont. Chocolate chip cookies!

Friday, January 5, 2018:

Mary Blue: "...always, Tim's thoughtful leadership more...

Thursday, January 4, 2018:

"Shari Malloy: Tim Waters will restore Longmont's quality of life more...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018:

Candidate Meet & Greet, 6:30pm, Longmont Public Library, hosted by Longmont Area Democrats. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017:

"Elected by City Council to serve on the Longmont Housing Authority Board of Directors. LHA’s mission is compelling and the audiences served deserve the staff and board’s best work. Looking forward to serving and contributing to positive and productive options for residents." — Tim Waters

December 10, 2017:

"Pat Davis: Tim Waters believes in more...

December 8, 2017:

"Kathy Wood Pillmore: Entire community would benefit with Waters on more...

November 30, 2017:

"Steve Kukic: Tim Waters will build bridges for more...

November 29, 2017:

"Retired educator Tim Waters announced Wednesday that he is a more...