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...and building bridges

"In the past year, it has been my privilege to make the acquaintance of many fine and admirable people in the Longmont community. Few have afforded me more pleasure than Dr. Tim Waters. He is a man of such intelligence, commitment, and dedication to public service that I can hardly credit my good fortune in calling him my friend. Tim brings such rare ability and experience in forming institutional alliances to Longmont that I have no doubt that his work on our City Council will be nothing short of transformative for the city and its residents."

— Marcia Martin,

Longmont City Council


"I support Tim Waters for the open Longmont City Council seat for a number of reasons. He has held a number of responsible positions. He is articulate and has strong leadership skills. He has been a leader in education  

He supports early childhood education. Tim will consider all issues carefully in the interest of all residents of Longmont. Finally, he has a long history of working with others to achieve common goals."

— Bob Norris, Activist

"After nearly four decades of interacting with Tim Waters, I know he will be a great Ward 1 City Council member.  l have had the honor of knowing Tim in several capacities: parent, youth baseball coach, outstanding public servant, life-long learner, leader and team builder.  Having worked with dozens of city council members in three different cities, I can say without hesitation that not one of them was more qualified that Tim Waters.."

— Gordon Pedrow, former City Manager



Mary Blue,

  former Longmont

  City Council member

Endorsed by

  Boulder Weekly, 2.8.18

Ira Chernus, Professor

  Emeritus of Religious

  Studies, CU, Boulder

Pat Davis, Grassroots

  Organizer & Activist

Marilyn M. Ewing

Mike Foote,

  State Representative,

  HD12, Longmont

Deb Gardner, Boulder 

  County Commissioner,

  District 2, Longmont

Stan Garnett, Boulder

  County District Attorney

Cindy Hoge

Rick Hoge,

  former City Council

  Member, attorney

Matt Jones, State Senator,

  SD17, Longmont

Jim Kenworthy

Dr. Stevan Kukic,

  National Education


Roger Lange,

  former Mayor of


Judy Lubow,

  RTD Director

Richard Lyons,

  Attorney at Law

Tom McCoy, former
  Mayor Pro-Tem and

  Longmont City Council


Shari Malloy, Grassroots

  Organizer & Activist

Richard Marsh,

  Attorney at Law

Marcia Martin,

  Longmont City Council

Marta Moreno,

  Community Leader, 

  El Comité

Bob Norris, Activist

Kathy Partridge,

  Community Radio

  Talk Show Host

Joan Peck, 

  Longmont City Council

Gordon Pedrow,

  former City Manager

Pam Pedrow,

  former Director of the

  Counseling Center at

  Calvary Church

Kathy & Mark Pillmore

The Sierra Club 

  of Boulder County

Jonathan Singer, 

  State Representative,

  HD11, Longmont

Ron Stewart, former

  Colorado State Senator

  and Boulder County


JIm Wilson

Don & Karen Wood,

  Lifelong Longmont


(This list will be edited as endorsements come in. If you would like to be listed as a supporter, please let us know here, thanks!)

"I am happy to endorse Tim Waters for Longmont City Council. Tim brings the kind of proven, experienced leadership that we need on Council, to tackle the hard  problems facing us such as the need for affordable housing, sustainable development and job creation, and environmental protection in a time of fracking.

Tim's "can-do" attitude will be a great addition to Council leadership addressing these and other important issues."

— Judy Lubow, RTD Director

"Tim has a professional background of over 44 years in the educational field both nationally and internationally. He also has served on a variety of national boards and commissions including the Colorado Commission on Higher Education for eight years. I believe Tim possess the skills and talents to be an excellent City Council member where independent thinking and execution would be essential to successfully serve our community in that capacity. I support Tim Waters for the Ward 1 City Council position." 

— Roger Lange, former Mayor of Longmont

"I’m endorsing Tim because: 

(1) he brings institutional chops to the table;

(2) he’s got the bandwidth to handle the job; 

(3) he’s in it for all City residents & stakeholders, not a limited constituency. Join us in building bridges."

— Rich Marsh, Attorney at Law

"Tim's dedication as a lifelong educator and CEO shows me he has the bipartisan business chops to protect Longmont’s bottom line, while keeping our city's children a priority."

— Jonathan Singer, State Representative,

HD11, Longmont

"Tim is sharp, sincere, and a hard worker.. I know he will represent all of the people of Longmont well." 

— Mike Foote, State Representative,

HD12, Longmont

"Tim’s experience running a national level organization and his environmental protection and affordable housing advocacy make him a great council choice."

— Matt Jones, State Senator, SD17, Longmont

"...also found Waters to have the best understanding and position of the three candidates when it comes to the controversial Windy Gap Firming Project...Unlike his opponents, he has taken clear stands on the issues and can clearly articulate why he believes what he believes...Tim Waters has the skills, experience and temperament to follow and contribute to the quality leadership of others where it exists or to step forward and provide such leadership when absent. That is why Boulder Weekly is enthusiastically endorsing Tim Waters to be Longmont City Council’s next Ward I representative."

— Boulder Weekly, 2.8.18

(read the rest of BWs endorsement here)

"The Longmont Association of Realtors is pleased to announce its endorsement for the 2019 Longmont City Council election: Tim Waters, Ward 1. The decision to support candidates is based on their answers to real estate-related questions on topics ranging from housing affordability to growth and economic development"

— Terry Lee, Chair,

Longmont Association of REALTORS®

"I have known Tim Waters for close to 40 years. Our families have been friends, raised our children together, laughed, cried, traveled and prayed together. I can say with full confidence that Tim is a man of integrity who has spent his adult years working to make life better, safer, and more equitable for the people he has served. He is a strong leader and Longmont would be fortunate to have him serve on our city council. The experience and knowledge he brings are unparalleled."

— Pam Pedrow, former Director of the Counseling Center

 at Calvary Church

"The leadership qualities you would bring to the council is

beyond comparison. When combined with your caring, compassionate heart, a better voice for the citizens of Longmont could not be found."

— Rick Hoge, former City Council Member, Attorney, and life-long resident of Longmont

“Tim is the right person at the right time for this important Council seat. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, and, more importantly, Tim is motivated by a keen sense of civic duty. Tim understands the need for policy-guided decision making and has the skills to help Council reach a consensus on policy formulation.  Longmont needs someone with Tim’s talents.”

— Richard Lyons, Attorney at Law


"Tim Waters will be a great Longmont Councilman. He will listen to all community members and thoughtfully represent our interests.

— Ron Stewart, former Colorado State Senator

and Boulder County Commissioner

"What a great opportunity for Longmont to be represented

by an intelligent hard working gentleman such as Tim Waters. 

We are confident Tim will always be looking out for what is best for Longmont."

— Don & Karen Wood,

Lifelong Longmont Residents

"We have known Tim for over two decades and we are confident that he will work for the best interest of the entire community."

— Kathy & Mark Pillmore, Life-long residents of Longmont

"Tim Waters is perfectly prepared to be on our city council. He has a deep passion for Longmont and all its citizens. He knows how to help complex organizations like our city work best"

— Dr. Stevan Kukic,

National Education Consultant

"I was involved in public service in Longmont for more than 20 years. Most candidates care about making conditions better for those they serve. Tim Waters is such a person. But he also has experience and the time to give to his service.
Tim's background includes advising a governor and leading a worldwide non-profit helping schools to offer better education.
He has worked with those he agreed with and those he didn't. But always, Tim's thoughtful leadership prevailed. He doesn't care who gets the credit, but just what is best for Longmont.
Other candidates in this race are good people. But none has more experience and better judgement than Tim. Please join me in voting for Tim Waters.

— Mary Blue,

Former Longmont City Council member

"Quality, family-supportive jobs are the cornerstone of a successful community. We have a vision of that future. Now we need the leadership that can guide us to turning our vision into reality. Tim Waters offers us that leadership. He spent his whole professional career proving that he can build bridges to the future, helping people get the education they need to turn their own vision into reality. Now he is stepping up to help Longmont do the same, to make sure that we and our children can get jobs that really matter and really provide for our Longmont families. That's why I support Tim Waters for city council. I can clearly see that he will be an outstanding council member representing Ward 1.

— Kathy Partridge,

Grassroots Organizer & Activist

...and Tilly, too!

"I have watched Tim attack a project or issue. He is an excellent leader and also a strong team player who is not afraid of hard work.

Passion with vision describes Tim. And he has total passion for Longmont and our community's future.

Please vote for Tim Waters for Ward 1. His service will be a gift to all citizens in Longmont.

— Cindy Hoge,

Longmont Resident

"The exceptionally talented and experienced Tim Waters is my choice for the Ward 1 City Council seat. Here's why:
•Tim has considerable administrative experience.
•Tim has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors.
•Tim is an expert on using data to predict outcomes.
•Tim is committed to diversity and gender equity and has been publicly recognized for his efforts in those areas.

Please join me in voting for Tim Waters on Feb. 27."

— Marilyn M. Ewing,

Longmont Resident

"Tim Waters is strong leader. While most first-time candidates are unsure of themselves, Tim is not. He is gracious and grateful, accepting the help of our little group, but firmly in charge. Now that I have learned more about his many accomplishments, I can clearly see that he will be an outstanding council member representing Ward 1.

...the Greeley Dream Team is still operating today. I can't imagine how many students are High School and College graduates, because of Tim's vision and the people he inspired to believe.

We need Tim Waters on our city council. He believes in Longmont.

— Pat Davis,

Grassroots Organizer & Activist

"I strongly support Tim Waters in the upcoming Ward 1 City Council election. I'm most concerned that Longmont remains a city we can all enjoy living in. We don't want a city overrun by uncontrolled development, which profits only a few people while disregarding the quality of life for the rest of us. Tim is committed to sustainable development, which balances people, planet and profit to protect our environment and our enjoyable way of life.

Tim believes the City Council needs to re-establish a set of quality of life benchmarks...That's just common sense. It's a win-win-win approach…That's one of the many reasons why he should be elected.

— Shari Malloy,

Grassroots Organizer & Activist

...for your support!